Posted on Apr 10, 2019

Healing Garden Relaxation Station

Sasha: Ni hao, Nomi. How are you today?

Nomi: I am doing well. I just finished cleaning the bathroom, All the massage rooms, and the waiting area.
I am taking a break. Did anyone call? What can they be doing?

Sasha: It is two weeks to EASTER Weekend, one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Nomi: But, but, but they need to come here after shopping, to get relaxed, feet massaged and
back put into shape again. Some people like a massage before shopping.

Sasha: Yes, you are right! How can we tell them we have Hot Stone Massage and Hot Oil Massage.

Nomi: …and what about this month’s specials to save money? Great prices here too!
See our web page.
Maybe we should dress up as Easter Bunny and a Carrot…or an EGG?

Sasha: Oh no! It would be too hard giving a massage in that costume. How would I keep the gloves on?

Nomi: Ha ha, you are right! That would be funny! It might scare away some customers, we won’t do that.

Sasha: You are right about our clean spa, relaxing music, and fantastic massage. Oh, the phone is ringing…

Nomi: Now you should give us a call now and tell us what time you want a massage. We will be ready for you.
The time slots fill up fast so please call soon. Click on the Call now button below, if you are on a smart phone.
See you today at:

1693 W. Lane Avenue (inside the mall)
Columbus Ohio 43221 (Upper Arlington)
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