Posted on Jan 17, 2019

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The Adventures of 👭 Nomi & Sasha: Day dream about our Plane

Sasha: Ni hao, Nomi. How are you today?

Nomi: I am doing well. I had a dream last night about us travelling around the world, in our own jet.
We were famous .

Sasha: Were we movie stars?

Nomi: No, we were the most famous Asian Relaxation Massage Ladies in the world.

Sasha: That is strange. I don’t know anyone else, except people at our Spa.

Nomi: Yes, but in the future, they discover massage is very good for you and we are the BEST.
We are FAMOUS!!! We massage Kings, Presidents, and pop singers, all over the world.

Sasha: You know massage was invented over 5000 years ago in China, by our ancestors, for the Emperor of China.

Nomi: Yes, but we will have our own big JET!

Sasha: Why do we need a big jet?

Nomi: I don’t know, so they know it is us? I woke up early. Maybe I will ask tonight and tell you tomorrow.

Sasha: Ok, interesting about the plane, but we are going to be busy today.
Get ready for the appointments. We want to do an excellent massage.

Nomi: Yes, I love my customers. All the men and ladies are very nice.
I might save my tips so we can get that plane. How much does a Jet cost?

Sasha: I don’t know Nomi. Ha ha.
We have Hot Stone Massage and
Hot Oil Massage to warm up cold bodies.
We currently have many discounts.

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