Posted on Jan 14, 2019

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✨Winter Snow Days✨

Sasha: Ni hao, Nomi. How are you today?

Nomi: I am doing well. I had a dream last night that it snowed and we played in the snow.❄

Sasha: You silly girl, we did play in the snow ❄ yesterday. We had so much fun.
We got up early And played for two hours and then went to work.

Nomi: No wonder I slept real good last night. We had so much fun yesterday, I thought it was a dream.

Best time EVER !!! 😁

Sasha: So do you think we will get many customers at work today, because of the snow?

Nomi: Oh yes! After playing in the snow, everyone come over and get
a very nice and warm massage.

Hot Stone Massage and Hot Oil Massage to warm you up!
After the massage, then go and have a cup of hot chocolate☕ and a doughnut.🍩
That is so wonderful.

(We do not have doughnuts or Hot Chocolate at the Spa, but you can bring some, if you want...)

Sasha: You know that sounds like a great idea.
We love playing in the snow❄, hot chocolate☕, and getting warm massages.

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