Posted on Nov 15, 2018

Healing Garden Relaxation Station (

Thanksgiving is coming soon.🦃

We are out buying all the fixings
to make the big dinner.🍗☕🍴🥄

Well, some of us….others found a nice restaurant to celebrate with family.🍔🍟🍕🏈

There is always a Chinese restaurant open somewhere, good food, but not your
typical Thanksgiving dinner.🥢🍺

***Our mall is closed Thanksgiving Day***
***November 22.***

We are open on Black Friday, November 23rd.
You can shop and get a massage,
without leaving the mall.

Anyway, after Thanksgiving, is Black Friday, the start of Christmas Season Shopping.🎅🤶🎁

We will be open for the holidays, so you can stop by before meeting up with family
you only see once a year, or afterwards.

To get ready, so you are in good shape
to hit all those stores, or a foot or body massage after hitting all those stores….whew!🏬

We are putting out our signs, so people can find us. You can find us on the internet.
We even have a special mobile version of our web page formatted for mobile smart phones.📱

You don’t have to wait. ⏳ Come by today, say hello,🙋‍♀️ and try a massage.🛌
Call first, so you won’t need to wait. In case you didn’t call, walk-ins are always welcome.🚶‍♂️
Please visit and celebrate with us,
your new extended family.
You will feel so much better.🕺💃