Posted on Sep 29, 2019

Healing Garden Relaxation Station

Healing Garden Relaxation Station (
1693 W. Lane Avenue
Columbus, Oh 43221

Nomi & Sasha are our two fictional masseuses that
are always doing something funny. Two sweet ladies
that someday want to open their own Spa.

Sasha: Hello Nomi, how are you today?

Nomi: You know! I have showered four times
since we were at the Mud Bath yesterday.
I still have mud in places I didn't know
I had. LOL

Sasha: It was fun playing in the mud and very relaxing.
We didn't like it got in our mouths, nose, ears,
eyes...under finger and toenails.

Nomi: Yes, my hands look like I farm with my bare hands,
but it was fun to play in. We cannot do this everyday
and give people massage with our dirty-looking hands!

Sasha: Yes, I agree, so we will not be getting a mud bath room.

Nomi: I am so happy. We have wonderful discounts every month.
People can stop by or check our web site. We are open
Every day. Just give us a call and come visit us.

Sasha: Yes, we have many discounts and our regular prices are reasonable.
Please give us a call now and we can see you today.
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