Posted on Dec 29, 2018

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The Adventures of👭Nomi & Sasha:
New 🧥🧥coats and New Years✨💥

Nomi: Hey, Thank you for getting us
new coats for New Years.

Sasha: Yes, they were at
a Midnight Sale, no returns.

Nomi: They are nice and warm,
but isn’t yours a little big?

Sasha: Yes, but I can dress warmly
and my coat still fits.

Nomi: I agree, but we have to walk to work…

Sasha: Well, I love mine. You don’t like it?

Nomi: Oh yes, I love it. When I get older and gain
weight, it will still fit me. Ha ha .

Sasha: Yea, they are kind of big, Ha ha

Nomi: Thank you for the coat and
thinking of me at the sale.

Sasha: You are welcome. Are we at work yet?

Nomi: Ha ha, you are so funny.
Do we have Specials at work?

Sasha: Yes, until December 30,
then we have new Specials.
See our web page or just come by the spa.
I hope we see many customers today.

Nomi: Me too! I like keeping busy.
I like the nice people we see everyday.
I like it when they call and then come over,
so we do not have anyone waiting.
If they would first just call,
Click the button at the bottom of this
story. See you today!

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