Posted on Feb 6, 2019

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The Adventures of 👭 Nomi & Sasha: Asleep on Day-Off

Nomi & Sasha: Zzzzzz----hey what?
We fell asleep, ha ha!

Nomi: What time is it? Are we late for work?

Sasha: No, no it is our day off. We stayed up late at the Superbowl party after work.
We were working on our budget and our business plan and fell asleep.

Nomi: Ha ha, That is so funny! I think some people are still at that party-ha ha.
We were both snoring and we woke each other up, ha ha.

Sasha: Yes, that was funny!
Hmm, Let’s go get a hamburger!

Nomi: …and a hot fudge sundae?
Maybe? Maybe split one?

Sasha: Yes, we could split one. Good idea.
See, we are saving money.
I got a coupon in the mail for
a discount on a hamburger.

Nomi: I love discounts on things. Maybe we should have discounts at our Spa!

Sasha: We already do! You must still be partially asleep. Remember the Specials this Month?

Nomi: Yes, we have very good prices and SPECIALS, I list them all on our web page.
Chair Massage, Foot Massage, Body Massage, or Combo Massage. See the monthly Special.
Also, with massage of one hour or longer, you can have HOT STONE MASSAGE and HOT OIL MASSAGE added at no extra cost.

Sasha: Customers can always click on the CALL NOW button below, if you are on your smartphone.

Nomi: Yes, we can be ready for you, when you arrive, so you don’t need to wait. Still, walk-ins are always welcome.
You will love it!
Healing Garden Relaxation Station.
See you today in the Mall.

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