Posted on Nov 20, 2018

Healing Garden Relaxation Station

“Hey Nomi, how do you like my pilgrim dress
I got for Thanksgiving?”
Nomi said, “Wow, looks like you just stepped on Plymouth Rock in 1620!”
“Thank you”, said Sasha, “I took a trip, a few years ago, to Plymouth, Massachusetts
and saw the actual ‘Plymouth Rock’ and it was locked up in a small lions cage”.
“Are they afraid it might escape?” question Nomi. “No, it is so people don’t chip away at it”, said Nomi.
They both laughed.

“So you are dressed as a Turkey? Do you say ‘Gobble…gobble’?
No, said Nomi, “I am the HGRS Massage Turkey and I say…Get a Massage, ha ha”
Together they both said to all of us,
“We just want to wish all of you wonderful people, a Happy Thanksgiving.”🍗

We will be having our holiday at home, as the mall is closed on Thanksgiving Day, so if you think about us, stop by before Thanksgiving (Tuesday, Wednesday, or after Thanksgiving on Friday and shop at the mall too!)
We will be open normal hours.
Our current specials are available to the end of the month.

The entire mall is closed on Thanksgiving Day, but will be open on Friday, November 23rd.

We have Hot Stone Massage and Hot Oil Massage, so if you are cold, just stop by.

Be safe while driving, and while shopping. Let’s all of us have a fantastic and safe holiday.

For those that are travelling this time of year to family and friends, please return to us safe.
Before or after the big game, please give us a visit.🏈
We are all so thankful to have you as our best customers and friends. 🦃
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