Posted on Jan 10, 2019

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The Adventures of 👭 Nomi & Sasha: New Years Resolutions 🚶‍ 🧘‍♀️ Sasha: Ni hao, Nomi. How are you today? Nomi: I am doing well. I have been thinking what I want for my New Years Resolutions. I am trying to be a better person to friends, family, and myself. Sasha: Well, I think you are a terrific person. We just started that early morning Yoga class. I have been thinking of taking an on-line business course. Nomi: A business course is a great idea. Someday I want many massage spas, like a chain of Ladies Day Spas, but for Men and women. We will have so much fun! Sasha: Yes, good idea, since now we just offer the best relaxation massage in town. It would be nice to add nails, barber-hair stylist, body wraps & facials. We would have to save up a lot of money. So in the meantime, just massage. Nomi: Yes, and my Uncle Lee gave me $200 for Christmas. He is so nice. Sasha: Yes, he is a sweetheart. Well, save it and some day we might have our own shop! Nomi: I hope everyone comes in this week and signs up for a weekly massage. We have so many Specials & Combos in January, They are listed on our web site and in our spa. Sasha: ….and we have Hot Stone and Hot Oil Massage to warm you up from cold days. Nomi: Well, let’s go. I am going to start saving all my tips and putting them in the bank for our new SPA. Sasha: I think we will be here for a few more years….ha ha ✨Click on button below to call NOW🌟