Posted on Jun 19, 2019

Healing Garden Relaxation Station

The Adventures of Nomi & Sasha:
Independence Day is coming, and it is hot & humid outside.

Sasha: Ni hao, Nomi. How are you today?

Nomi: I am doing very well now. Thank you.

Sasha: What’s the matter?

Nomi: I was on the patio tending my plants, the flowers, the peppers, tomatoes, and my little fig tree.
It is so humid out there. I just took a shower and now I need another shower and I’m tired.

Sasha: Well, clean up and we will go get quick breakfast and head to work. We have to plan where
we are going to watch fireworks this year. Have you heard any good places to go?

Nomi: My dad has his favorite place. The City of Columbus is going to be putting on Red-White & Boom, a super large display with lots of people..

Sasha: I will check with my friends too. Maybe we can do a group thing. Anyway, about work.
Are you up to date on prices and specials
at work this week?

Nomi: Oh yes, with our shop being the best in the area, we have the best prices too!
SPECIALS: See our web page for discounts.
Our normal prices are always so good.

And we still have free Hot Stone Massage
and Hot Oil Massage with one hour massage
or longer.

Sasha: We hope to see everyone this week.
Call and set an appointment time for every week.
We are open every day to match your busy schedule. See you today.
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