Posted on Jan 21, 2019

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✨More Winter Snow Days✨

Sasha: Ni hao, Nomi. How are you today?

Nomi: I am doing well.
I had another dream last night that it snowed and we went skiing in the snow.❄

Sasha: You silly girl, we did go skiing in the snow ❄ yesterday. We had so much fun.
This time, we took a bus to the ski resort, and played for six hours and then went home.

Nomi: No wonder I slept real good last night.🛏🌙
We had so much fun yesterday, I thought it was a dream. 💥

Best time EVER !!! 😁
Next time I’m going to learn how to ski first. Ha ha.

Sasha: Oh, you funny clown. So do you think we will get many customers at work today, because of the snow?

Nomi: Oh yes! After playing in the snow, everyone come over and get
a very nice and warm massage.

We Have
Hot Stone Massage and Hot Oil Massage to warm you up!
After the massage, then go and have a cup of hot chocolate☕ and a doughnut.🍩
That is so wonderful.

(We do not have doughnuts or Hot Chocolate at the Spa, but you can bring some, if you want, but please call first...
...Last time we had so many doughnuts...they were all so good, yum!)

Sasha: You know that sounds like a great idea.
We love playing in the snow❄, hot chocolate☕, doughnuts, and getting warm massages. 😁

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