Posted on Apr 3, 2019

Healing Garden Relaxation Station

The Adventures of Nomi & Sasha:
The Sore Back 💥🤾‍♀️

Sasha: Ni hao, Nomi. How are you today?

Nomi: I am doing…ouch!..

Sasha: Oh, is you back hurting?

Nomi: Yes, whenever the weather changes, my back…ouch!

Sasha: Yes I understand. My knee tells me it is going to rain.
Come here, I will check your back…is that better?

Nomi: Yes, what did you do? I feel so much better.

Sasha: I gave you a quick massage and pushed on the pressure points.
You studied ACUPRESSURE, Foot Reflexology, and Swedish Massage.

Nomi: Yes, I remember. Wow, that really works.
I never had my back hurt like that before.

Sasha: Yes, acupressure works with Hot Stones and hot oil.
Lay down and I’ll give you a full body massage.

Nomi: Ok, I never turn down a massage.
[After a few minutes]
Yes, so much better. Thank you.
Uh, where is my free bottle of H20? LOL

Sasha: The water is in the fridge, silly. Ha ha.
Well, it is a great day to get a massage!

Nomi: Yes, when my friends call first, I tell them,
‘Come visit us now’ or ‘Could you show up in 90 minutes’.

Sasha: Yes, and the free bottle of water…lol.

Nomi: Yes, it is good water and it is free..ha ha.
We have free Hot Stone Massage and Hot Oil
Massage added to any Massage
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