Posted on Dec 26, 2018

Healing Garden Relaxation Station (

Sasha: Ni hao Nomi. Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?

Nomi: Oh yes and much more! I wanted to thank you for your wonderful gift, too.

Sasha: Oh, did you really like it? I have one and I think it is great and I thought you would like one.

Nomi: Oh yes, it….it is very different and I didn’t have one.

Sasha: So, did you mount it?

Nomi: What? No, I put it in a drawer!
I can’t believe you got me something like that!

Sasha: Like what? It goes on the wall.

Nomi: Wall? Now, I don’t want to
talk about it anymore!

Sasha: Well, it is made for the bathroom.

Nomi: What are you talking about?

Sasha: The electronic air freshener, it keeps
bathroom smelling nice and clean.

Nomi: Oh, is that what it is! I am sorry. I thought you bought me a….so did you like what I got you?

Sasha: Oh yes, very much, but I have to take it
back to the store today & get a different size.

Nomi: Different size?

Sasha: I like your gift, I like tea,
but I need a bigger teapot.

Nomi: It is a vapor machine to help you breath.

Sasha: Ha ha….we both got each other gifts that
we didn’t know what they were….ha ha.

Nomi & Sasha You are my best friend.

Nomi: If we hurry maybe you
can massage my back.
I think I hurt it when I was laughin..ha ha.

Sasha: Ok, I hope we see our
favorite customers today.

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