Posted on Dec 21, 2018

Healing Garden Relaxation Station (

😁🤶🎅🎁💨 ” Happy First Day of Winter” 👩“Really? I have been freezing for weeks!” 🙋‍“Well, it is always warm inside here at HGRS, Healing Garden Relaxation Station In THE STORES ON LANE AVENUE mall.” 👩“The Mall will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day” 🙋‍“I have to finishing my shopping. I can shop here at this beautiful mall. I get so stressed when I do last minute shopping…” 👩“Well, you can go to HGRS Massage and catch a Chair Massage only $15 for 15 minutes”. 🙋‍“Great, or a nice Foot Massage….I just might get a full body massage” 👩“They also have a $48 Special that has a little of everything and lasts an hour.” 🙋‍“Oh, that does sound good. I bet my boyfriend would like that.” 👩“Well, you can get him a gift certificate.” 🙋 "Great, well I got to finish shopping. Can you help me carry this box to my car?” 🙋👩 "Oh my, this big box is so heavy. We might need a good massage today." ❄❄See you today at HGRS ❄❄ ⛄👍